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KMailer does away with the guesswork!
Product Tour
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Knowing the minds of your customers is the key to success. Surveys have always been a popular tool for businesses trying to assess the wants and needs of their target audience. Until recently, conducting surveys has been a manual, time consuming, and expensive process making them impractical for most small business.

Now, with KMailer, you've got the power to instantly gather accurate and valuable information from your customers. you'll gain new insight into what customers, partners and even employees really want, need and believe. You'll have fresh facts at your fingertips that can be applied immediately to any decision-making process. KMailer is the serious data collection tool designed to keep you competitive.

The survey designer provides an easy-to-use interface which allows you to choose from ten question types, pick your own page style or templates, and deliver your surveys with just a few clicks. Using KMailer, you'll have your first survey done in minutes and be ready to deploy.


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