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Four ways to get your message out
Product Tour
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With KMailer's Delivery Engine, you can choose the most suitable delivery mode for you from the 4 different message delivery modes.

1. Direct delivery mode
This delivery mode doesn't use your mail server or your ISP's mail server. Instead, It directly connects and sends messages to the mail server of the recipient's address.

2. Multi-SMTP-Server delivery mode
Of course, you can also use one or more of your SMTP servers to deliver your message. This mode supports multiple SMTP servers and can automatically balance the load between these SMTP servers.

3. Direct delivery with backup SMTP server
This delivery mode sends messages directly at first, if the direct delivery fails, then KMailer will use the backup SMTP servers you assigned to send the message again. With this delivery mode, you can avoid overloading your SMTP servers as well as improve the sending success ratio dramatically.

4. IIS SMTP Service delivery mode
IIS SMTP Service is a high performance SMTP server on Windows NT/2000/XP. You can use it to send email easily with KMailer. When a messages is submitted to IIS SMTP service, consider it "fire and forget." IIS handles the low level delivery details. If a failure occurs, the message is retried at user defined intervals. If a message can not be delivered after a user defined expiration period, notifications can be sent to an email addresses you specified.

Please note, if you assign multiple SMTP servers to send out your messages in "Multi-SMTP-Server delivery mode" or "Mixed delivery mode", KMailer can automatically balance the load between these servers. For instance, if you have 1000 messages to be sent and you assign 10 SMTP servers to do the job, then each server will handle about 100 messages. This feature takes the load off of your SMTP servers and speeds up message sending significantly.


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